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WELCOME TO DELTA EVENTS LLP. डेल्टा ईवेंट्स एल.एल.पी. में आपका स्वागत है।



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DELTA EVENTS LLP REQUIRES MARKETING EXECUTIVES FOR EVENTS SPONSORSHIP MARKETING. GREAT OPPORTUNITY. ATTRACTIVE SALARY. APPLY SOON. LIMITED POSITION. Marketing executives contribute to and develop integrated marketing campaigns. Tasks can involve: Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders including clients,sponsors,partners,team members,colleagues and vendors; Communicating with target audiences and managing client relationships; Sourcing advertising opportunities and placing adverts in the press or television channels or on the radio; Managing the production of marketing materials, including leaflets, posters, flyers, newsletters, e-newsletters and DVDs; Writing and proofreading copy; Liaising with designers and printers; Organizing photo and video shoots; Arranging the effective distribution of marketing materials; Maintaining and updating client/customer databases; Organizing and hosting events such as conferences,press-conferences,meetings,and parties; Sourcing and securing sponsorships; Conducting market research; Contributing to, and developing, marketing plans and strategies; Managing budgets; Evaluating marketing campaigns; Monitoring competitors activities; Supporting the operations manager and other colleagues.