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Security & Behavior Policy:

DELTA EVENTS LLP strictly makes it clear that bringing sharp or piercing objects which can be used as a weapon, to the premises or venues is a criminal activity and punishable offence. Bringing firearms, lighters, matchboxes, fire catching objects and liquids,such as kerosene, petrol, diesel or other such things is strictly prohibited.Use and consumption of alcohol, tobacco in any form such as cigarette, bidis, chewable tobacco, paan masalas and guthkhas in the venues or premises is strictly offensive. Bringing and consumption of any kind of things which comes in the category of drugs is criminal activity and punishable.Hooting,shouting, use of abusing words,teasing, making unpleasant signs to girls or women, Disobeying volunteers and security persons arguing with them is offensive and subject to legal actions and punishments. Such person disqualifies our permission mazors to our events or shows. Sometimes security checks and barricading may be arranged for security reasons.Inconvenience regretted. Every citizen is advised to bring any of their original identity cards such as voter ids, adhar card,driving licence, vehicle registration card as proof of their identity at the venues or premises. Audience have their own responsibilities for the security of their expensive objects such as ornaments, jewellery, purses, wallets, cameras, smartphones and mobiles or any other expensive objects. No liability we be beared by DELTA EVENTS LLP. Be aware of pickpockets and thieves. Always hold hand and take care of your small kids. Only 2 children under 8 years are allowed freely with their parents or with anyone of them. Any Child above 8 years need a valid ticket, entry pass or invitation card to be allowed in the event or the show. DELTA EVENTS LLP reserves the right to cancel, prepone, postpone, reschedule its event/events or show/shows at anytime. No,cancellation or refund of tickets/ entry passes will be allowed at any condition.


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Applicable Laws:

Any and all entries made to www.deltaeventsllp.com, including, but not limited to posts, stories, warnings, advertisements (herein after “Entry”) shall be controlled by the laws of BHOPAL, MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA. DELTA EVENTS LLP is not liable for entries which may violet the laws of the users jurisdiction.

Privacy Policy:

All users informations submitted through www.deltaeventsllp.com and certain other information about our clients, affiliates, sponsors and partners are subject to our PRIVACY POLICY, the terms of which (As the same may be updated from time to time), are hereby incorporated into TERMS in entirety by reference.

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These TERMS constitute the ENTIRE AGREEMENT between user and you and DELTA EVENTS LLP and govern the use of www.deltaeventsllp.com., super seeding any prior agreements in oral and written, between user and DELTA EVENTS LLP (including any prior versions of the TERMS).